Saturday, March 10, 2012

What do each of these items have in common?

If you were hoping they all might be vintage clothing at a very nice price then you were right.  Everything in this post is included in over 50 items marked down up to 50% for the spring sale in my shop.  Come by soon and take a peek before it's too late.  xo xo Rebeccah

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shop Preview

I seem to have come down with a late winter cold, or at least an early spring one as I prefer to think about it.  Besides filling orders, I haven't had much energy for posting in my shop though I have some nice new spring inspired goodies with more in smaller sizes to post once my model stops teaching her intensive courses.  Here's a peek at what is to come in the next week.
 This handmade vintage 1970s sundress is so cute and comfy with earth tone stripes and a full skirt with a chevron pattern in the middle.
This high-end vintage Austrian dress is truly Trachten Mode at it's most stylishly fabulous.  I just can't enough of that shimmering skirt!
 Sticking with trachten folkloric clothing, this vintage 1970s folk dirndl skirt is too cute with it's apple tree and house applique not to mention heart buttons.  The red rick rack trim is actually made of a linen blend material.  Viva la Trachten!
 Staying boho but moving onto another country, this vintage ruffled Western skirt with cowboy and indian novelty print is just the thing to bring fun into spring.
 And, last but not least, this cherry red vintage 1980s dress with gold nautical buttons just to prove that preppy can also sometimes sizzle.

Happy vintage shopping!  xo xo