Thursday, July 29, 2010

Could Be I Want To Keep It...

The photographs are a bit too dark, I priced it just a tad on the high side...Dang it, it could be that I just want to keep this dress. If it suddenly disappears from my shop then you'll certainly know why. :)

P.S. The fabulous red wool hat here that has made its appearance several times already in Curious Knopf is by the hat maker Fiona Bennett who also just so happens to be my brother-in-law's girlfriend.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Of My (Mostly) Vintage Favorite Things

Because who can resist a tiny vintage picture case with a faux abalone shell cover? Available at Little Dog Vintage.
Because I've always been a sucker for things that look like food but aren't food. You could put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top in this bowl and then put the lid on it with a fake big scoop of vanilla ice cream with a fake cherry on top. How cool is that? Available at Autumn Always.
Because my poor West Highland Terrier Benjamen always bombed the 4-H dog shows when I was in the 4th grade, mostly just bringing home the white participation ribbon. Poor Benjamen. He never could resist that hamburger they placed in the obstacle course. In his honor, I would love to own these vintage dog show prizes. Available in Finland at Funky Homo Sapiens. (p.s. Westminster Dog Show 4-ever! ;) )
Because who can resist kitschy stuff with flamingos on it, especially since flamingos make such a bizarre noise (I spend A LOT of time at the zoo these days...) Available at Jape.
The ribbons-across-the-bust thing has never really worked for me which is truly unfortunate because I adore this dress and would love more than anything to have it hanging in my closet right now. Available at Small Earth Vintage.
These shoes are just too cute. They are a half a size too big for me, but what the heck? I could always stuff some cotton in the toe....Beat me too it at Liza Zain.
I've bought several pieces of jewelry from Petit Oiseau and I love them all. This Chocolate Mint Bakelite Necklace is no exception. I also love the Bakelite Green Jello Ring. Decisions, decisions.....

So this last one isn't vintage, but it is stitched art which is tres Schaufenster. Plus Bodega Bay (where the artist lives) is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet...Plus my sister really has a thing for pillows....Hmm. Maybe sister, dear sister, is due for a present. If so I will buy it at Tastes Orangey.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Much Fun Can You Have With One Little Old Vintage Scarf?

The answer? A whole heck of a lot! I posed with this scarf today and, boy, did I have fun. Granted, it was pretty easy since it is a gorgeous 1960s silk Italian scarf in a retro Hawaiian print. Just try and not have fun with that. I dare you. ;) Here are some of the different photographs. I didn't post all of them because a few are just a little too goofy even for a goofball like me. Here goes:

I'm pretty sure I'm humming The Hills Are Alive here, though of course, the song would better fit some of my Trachtenmode pieces....

According to Wikipedia, it's a little known fact that Mary Magdalene was actually very into retro tiki Hawaiian print which she combined splendidly with religious pathos. Who knew?

This one I call my Isadora Duncan look, though I suppose the scarf would have to be a tad bit longer...

And this is my Mata Hari (come on, let me flatter myself. ;) )

Here I am, doing the discerning Haufrau, trying to decide if what I have in my hands is a quality item. Come on, lady. The scarf is from the 60s, made in Italy of 100% pure silk, is in mint condition. Geez. What else do you need to know?

I also think the scarf would make a fab belt, but it would have to be on someone with a slimmer waist than mine. Thank you little old scarf for providing so much entertainment on a humid late summer day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The 10th Day...

So today is officially the 10th day since I had my last sale. And there were probably about ten days between the sale before that. I've decided to take things easy at my shop. If everyone else is going to the beach, why shouldn't I?
I recently poured a lot of energy into my shop, Curious Knopf. I worked on the photos, made lots of great vintage finds, posted, renewed and posted. But when you are doing all this work, but not making any sales and only having a few hearts trickle in, you can't help but get frustrated.....
Of course, I have been having some fun along the way. I've liked posing in some of the larger clothing (modeling is harder work than one might assume....) And, of course, I love going on the vintage hunt. But I'm not buying anything new for a while. I have about 20 odd things to photograph and post, and I will gradually get them into my shop....
....or I might just sell off the entire stock on ebay and call it a night. But if I do, I'll at least stop by here again to say so long folks! It's been swell. Sayonara. Ciao ciao. ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dirndls, Trachtenmode, Bavaria, Oh My!

One of the most amazing things about being a foreigner living abroad is how clearly you can see certain things that the native locals simply cannot. Take, for example, Trachtenmode.

Trachtenmode is the traditional costume of Bavaria and Austria, best known in its form of a dirndl and Lederhosen to the rest of the world. But there are also lots of dress that are "dinrdl light" (no apron, no frilly blouse) and adorable long country style circle skirts. At its very best, Trachtenmode is colorful, playful, feminine with just a touch of frill and often covered in Alpine flowers. It just doesn't get much cuter than that....

Yet when I show this clothing to my (German, but not Bavarian) husband he always says "No way! You can't wear that!" His cultural conditioning has just blinded him to how great they really are. Luckily there is a whole world out there with women who just might see the cuteness that I see. ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: Farewell WM

This Tuesday Tunes (son of Monday Melodies....) is dedicated to some of the countries whose teams have already had to go home from the Weltmeisterschaft (World Cup)

1. U.S.A. (they fought hard)
Nina Simone, After You've Gone

2. Mexico
Lila Downs, Paloma Negra

3. Brazil (fire that trainer!)
Cartola, Acontece (sung by Caetano Veloso)

4. France (Allez le Bleu...uh, not!)
Edith Piaf, Non je ne regrette rien

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shop Update: Kind of Blue

I'm not really sure why but, with the exception of navy I've just never worn much blue. Maybe I have it partly in my mind that it's a better color for the blonde and blue eyed, though a brighter blue also does look fabulous on someone darker. The good news is, if you are a fan of blue in its more royal, sky and icy shades, then I have a lot of goodies right now just for you in my shop. Bis bald! :)