Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vintage Clothing Sale at Curious Knopf

Yep, it's that time again.  I'm offering a secret sale in my vintage clothing shop Curious Knopf to all my Facebook friends from now until the 1st of July.  This time around you'll save a whooping 40% off of everything in my shop.  Yipee!

To participate in the sale, just go here and like my fanpage then go here and shop, shop, shop.  Enter in the coupon code friends at the time of purchase the and the 40% will come off automatically.  Happy vintage shopping!  xo xo Rebeccah

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What do each of these items have in common?

If you were hoping they all might be vintage clothing at a very nice price then you were right.  Everything in this post is included in over 50 items marked down up to 50% for the spring sale in my shop.  Come by soon and take a peek before it's too late.  xo xo Rebeccah

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shop Preview

I seem to have come down with a late winter cold, or at least an early spring one as I prefer to think about it.  Besides filling orders, I haven't had much energy for posting in my shop though I have some nice new spring inspired goodies with more in smaller sizes to post once my model stops teaching her intensive courses.  Here's a peek at what is to come in the next week.
 This handmade vintage 1970s sundress is so cute and comfy with earth tone stripes and a full skirt with a chevron pattern in the middle.
This high-end vintage Austrian dress is truly Trachten Mode at it's most stylishly fabulous.  I just can't enough of that shimmering skirt!
 Sticking with trachten folkloric clothing, this vintage 1970s folk dirndl skirt is too cute with it's apple tree and house applique not to mention heart buttons.  The red rick rack trim is actually made of a linen blend material.  Viva la Trachten!
 Staying boho but moving onto another country, this vintage ruffled Western skirt with cowboy and indian novelty print is just the thing to bring fun into spring.
 And, last but not least, this cherry red vintage 1980s dress with gold nautical buttons just to prove that preppy can also sometimes sizzle.

Happy vintage shopping!  xo xo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Wedding Bells

I've been married twice, the first time in a navy blue dress with polka dots and the second in one black and Asian inspired.  My second husband is most definitely a keeper, but if I ever were to walk down the aisle again I would definitely do so in one of these gorgeous vintage wedding dresses.  Here are some of my personal favorites.

This vintage 1950s wedding gown is but one of over 30 beauties available for sale in the Bridal Salon section of the shop Fab Gabs.

I love bohemian 70s dresses and this gorgeous 1970s wedding dress is certainly no exception.  Available at Factory Handbook.

This 1950s strapless wedding gown is available at the ever popular Dear Golden Vintage.

Get hitched in 20s flapper style with this beautiful gown from Vera Vague.

Tie the knot 60s style with this sweet lacy wedding dress from Aiseirigh.
And, last but not least, this vintage 1950s cream colored wedding dress and...

....this lovely 1940s wedding dress, both available in my shop Curious Knopf.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 Great Berlin Vintage Sellers

Last month I participated in the vintage fashion fair Toast Jam where I hosted the etsy booth with three other vintage Berlin-based sellers.  I was proud to have my shop Curious Knopf represented there and was also really glad I got a chance to meet the Berlin etsy team and the other sellers all of whom were ridiculously nice and friendly.  As a shout out to Tania, Caroline, Olivier and Sabine, I decided to write this post.  

 Sabine from Belgium also runs a vintage clothing shop called Spelfenmeisje.  Along with great vintage clothing finds she also carries lots of vintage purses, boots and shoes.

Her clothing ranges from classic finds from the 50s to trendy clothing from the 80s with some vintage designer pieces mixed in.

My ex-boyfriend is from Holland, so I already knew that meisje means girl in Dutch but I always wondered what the heck Spelfen might mean.  I asked Sabine and it ends up it's a play on a nickname she had when she was growing up. 

Tania from Italy runs the vintage housewares and decor shop GoGo Berlinette.  Although she specializes in vintage West German pottery, she also does have a lot of great mid century finds and Scandinavian  and other design finds like WMF, Goebel and Hans Bølling.

 She had this lovely Goebel ceramic pelican for sale at the fair and he's a lot larger than he appears in the photographs.  I've been thinking about buying him for a while, so if you're inspired, then act fast.  ;)

Tania also makes most of her finds at flea markets in the truly wildest corners of Berlin where tourists generally would never tread, so all of her pieces must have quite an interesting story behind them.

The shop Oppning is run by the French couple Caroline and Olivier.  They have 9 lovely page listing of great vintage housewares and home decor.

Like Tania, they also have a lot West and East German vintage pieces and mid century design but also lots of ceramic clocks and vintage children finds.

If there name sounds Scandinavian that's because it is.  Olivier told me Öppning means something like open spaces in Swedish.

Happy vintage shopping!  xo xo  Rebeccah