Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Wedding Bells

I've been married twice, the first time in a navy blue dress with polka dots and the second in one black and Asian inspired.  My second husband is most definitely a keeper, but if I ever were to walk down the aisle again I would definitely do so in one of these gorgeous vintage wedding dresses.  Here are some of my personal favorites.

This vintage 1950s wedding gown is but one of over 30 beauties available for sale in the Bridal Salon section of the shop Fab Gabs.

I love bohemian 70s dresses and this gorgeous 1970s wedding dress is certainly no exception.  Available at Factory Handbook.

This 1950s strapless wedding gown is available at the ever popular Dear Golden Vintage.

Get hitched in 20s flapper style with this beautiful gown from Vera Vague.

Tie the knot 60s style with this sweet lacy wedding dress from Aiseirigh.
And, last but not least, this vintage 1950s cream colored wedding dress and...

....this lovely 1940s wedding dress, both available in my shop Curious Knopf.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 Great Berlin Vintage Sellers

Last month I participated in the vintage fashion fair Toast Jam where I hosted the etsy booth with three other vintage Berlin-based sellers.  I was proud to have my shop Curious Knopf represented there and was also really glad I got a chance to meet the Berlin etsy team and the other sellers all of whom were ridiculously nice and friendly.  As a shout out to Tania, Caroline, Olivier and Sabine, I decided to write this post.  

 Sabine from Belgium also runs a vintage clothing shop called Spelfenmeisje.  Along with great vintage clothing finds she also carries lots of vintage purses, boots and shoes.

Her clothing ranges from classic finds from the 50s to trendy clothing from the 80s with some vintage designer pieces mixed in.

My ex-boyfriend is from Holland, so I already knew that meisje means girl in Dutch but I always wondered what the heck Spelfen might mean.  I asked Sabine and it ends up it's a play on a nickname she had when she was growing up. 

Tania from Italy runs the vintage housewares and decor shop GoGo Berlinette.  Although she specializes in vintage West German pottery, she also does have a lot of great mid century finds and Scandinavian  and other design finds like WMF, Goebel and Hans Bølling.

 She had this lovely Goebel ceramic pelican for sale at the fair and he's a lot larger than he appears in the photographs.  I've been thinking about buying him for a while, so if you're inspired, then act fast.  ;)

Tania also makes most of her finds at flea markets in the truly wildest corners of Berlin where tourists generally would never tread, so all of her pieces must have quite an interesting story behind them.

The shop Oppning is run by the French couple Caroline and Olivier.  They have 9 lovely page listing of great vintage housewares and home decor.

Like Tania, they also have a lot West and East German vintage pieces and mid century design but also lots of ceramic clocks and vintage children finds.

If there name sounds Scandinavian that's because it is.  Olivier told me Öppning means something like open spaces in Swedish.

Happy vintage shopping!  xo xo  Rebeccah


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shop Preview

I recently went on a very successful vintage clothing hunt and will soon be posting all the new goodies I found. Here's a little preview of what's to come in my shop gradually over the next week.


These vintage hand-knit scarf shawls are so soft and comfy yet drape so stylishly over your shoulders. Just the thing for those cool spring evenings when you need a little extra warmth but are sick of wearing a coat or heavy jacket.

This vintage dress is 1970s style at it's very, very best. Love the firework-like pattern on the sheer material. The necklace shown in the photograph is from my second shop, Augenblickphoto.

This vintage 1970s ruffled maxi dress is such a beautiful shade of royal blue. I can't wait for spring to wear such lovely pieces!

This amazing find is very flamenco meets 80s prom dress. It's actually too small for me (can't zip it up in the back) or I would definitely be tempted to keep it.

The dark pink circle folk skirt at the beginning of this post was so popular in my shop and finally sold last week. This lovely find will hopefully soon find a new home too.

And last but not least, this Asian inspired dress, perfect for summer in the year of the dragon!

Happy vintage shopping. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Model

I decided a while ago that I really prefer the vintage clothing I sell in Curious Knopf to be modeled on a person rather than a dress form. A living model gives the piece so much more personality and you can better see how the clothing drapes and moves. For a long time the only model I had for my shop was, well, me. At a size 12/14, however, I can only ever model size large to extra large. Even if I get better at laying off the chocolate and doing pilates as often as I probably should there is still not much of a chance I'll be under a size 10. I'm just a big girl. Luckily for me, my dear old friend Tina isn't. She is the new face of Curious Knopf in the size range small to extra small. In her honor, I thought I'd write this post so you can get to know her better.

Name: Tina "Armadillo"
Star Sign: Gemini with Leo Rising
Hobbies: Photography and Weltschmerz

Claim to fame: She makes one mean cappuccino and can whip up something tasty in the kitchen with just a handful of random ingredients.

How we met: Both American expats who blazed the trail in the late 90s (at that time there were very few Americans living in Berlin though that has since changed) we met at an English language school where we were both teaching. Before she even opened her mouth I knew instantly that she was from California.

We've had our differences from time to time (she's from the South Bay and I'm from the East Bay. It was bound to happen. ;) ) but it's pretty clear by now that we'll be friends for life.

Tina has recently gotten into Couch Surfing and hosted Katie, an American from SoCal who lived a long time in "The City", a.k.a. San Francisco. Now she lives and studies in Tübingen.

Katie was good enough to pose for me in a couple of sweetheart dirndls and 50s dresses. Thanks Katie and Tina. I couldn't do it without you. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shh, it's a secret!

Since I'm blogging about it here, it's officially no longer a complete secret that I am having a big sale at my vintage clothing shop, Curious Knopf. Still, it is still kind of secret.

In order to get 30% off of everything in my store you first have to like my Facebook Page . There you will also get the coupon code that will automatically take 30% off of your purchase.

If you're afraid to like my page for fear that I will fill up your feed with constant updates then fear not. I only post something on my fan page every one to two weeks and it's usually about some sort of great promotion, so in the end everybody wins.

I hope these photos of great vintage finds I've recently added to my shop might tickle your fancy and put you in the mood to look great, live vintage and save.

xo xo Rebeccah

Saturday, February 4, 2012

If Barbie Were An Angel....

When you run an online vintage clothes shop and are constantly on the search for vintage treasures you sometimes run across things that are, well, slightly bizarre.

Case in point, this vintage bubblegum pink lace dress with full skirt and, yes indeed, golden tin foil around the bodice, sleeves and waist.

Not quite sure what the story of this costume is, but I am sure it's what Barbie would wear if she were an angel. I'll be posting it soon on Curious Knopf, so hopefully it will soon find a new home with a kitsch loving gal by the name of Barbie or otherwise.

xoxo Rebeccah