Friday, January 7, 2011

The Deutsche Post Partied Like It Was 1999

The CEO of the German Postal Service must have done some serious champagne guzzling over New Year’s because International shipping has just gotten a whole heck of a lot cheaper (and it was never all that expensive to begin with!) To ship a small package outside the EU it now costs around 4 Euros (6 dollars) for anything under 500 grams and 7 Euros (9 dollars) for anything up to a kilo. Packages over a kilo are still pretty pricey to send, but everything in my shop falls under the weight limit, so it’s party time, especially since I have a coupon code for 10% off until the end of January. Just enter frohesneuesjahr into the coupon code slot at check-out and the savings will come off automatically. To tempt you, here are some recent additions to my shop.

1. Vintage Handmade Blue and White Plaid Dirndl

Ok, so this has actually been in my shop for a while, but it really is so adorable and well made. And let’s face it: Every lass needs a well-made dirndl, especially one that isn’t too “costume-y” like this one. If it fit me, I would keep it in a heart beat, but it doesn’t. Sigh…

2. Three is Company Brooch made with vintage photograph

This is one of my recent jewelry pieces made from copies of vintage photographs from my own private collection. I’ve also started making pieces from my own photographs which are available here at my photography shop Augenblickphoto. I have lots of new ideas and photographs for new jewelry, so stay tuned.

3. Vintage Picnic Matroshka Dolls Dress

This one has also been around for a while now though I don’t know why because it’s cute, cute, cute!

4. Swirled Butterscotch Bakelite Simple Cocktail Ring

The photograph was taken with in my fabulous new lightbox. Ok, so it’s a cardboard box with the top and sides cut out and a silk white scarf draped across the holes but hey, it does the trick. ;)

5. Vintage Embroidered Russian Dress

This one hasn’t yet been posted, but it was a cool find. I thought it was handmade until I found some tags all in Russian at the bottom of the dress. They practically wrote an essay about it and the tags look pretty Soviet. It’s been a bit too long since I took that language course in Moscow, so I can’t really understand a word of it, but I do love the dress.

6. Vintage 1980s Black and White Animal Print Dress

I think I’ve expressed often enough that I’m not a fan of 80s style, but I am, have been and most likely will always be crazy about animal prints. This dress certainly has plenty to offer in that category.

7. Vintage 1950s Sleeveless Eyelet Sky Blue Blouse

Another beaut that I haven’t yet managed to post, but will sometime later this week.

Happy 2011 everyone. 2011, most definitely a year with good vintage. ;)


  1. I'm slightly disappointed because I saw the first line and was excited to read about drunk German mailmen.
    haha. But the decrease in shipping rates is good news too!