Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plus Size Folk Vintage

Although I'm as much a sucker for vintage 1940s dresses like the gorgeous one pictured above (and carry them in my shop when I find them), I definitely have started to specialize.

I find so many amazing German folk and boho pieces, Landhaus dirndls and otherwise, and I've most definitely fallen under their spell. Although I carry the style in many sizes, like this fabulous folk skirt with embroidered waist, size small/extra small,....

...what I always have a lot of are larger and plus size pieces like this gorgeous linen Landhaus style dirndl dress, a US size 18 (though it can be worn by smaller sizes due to the corseted back)

This fabulous boho beauty, a US 14 to 16

And this beautiful Trachten full skirt, also a US 14 to 16

Happy vintage shopping all your fabulous curvy ladies!

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