Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Wedding Bells

I've been married twice, the first time in a navy blue dress with polka dots and the second in one black and Asian inspired.  My second husband is most definitely a keeper, but if I ever were to walk down the aisle again I would definitely do so in one of these gorgeous vintage wedding dresses.  Here are some of my personal favorites.

This vintage 1950s wedding gown is but one of over 30 beauties available for sale in the Bridal Salon section of the shop Fab Gabs.

I love bohemian 70s dresses and this gorgeous 1970s wedding dress is certainly no exception.  Available at Factory Handbook.

This 1950s strapless wedding gown is available at the ever popular Dear Golden Vintage.

Get hitched in 20s flapper style with this beautiful gown from Vera Vague.

Tie the knot 60s style with this sweet lacy wedding dress from Aiseirigh.
And, last but not least, this vintage 1950s cream colored wedding dress and...

....this lovely 1940s wedding dress, both available in my shop Curious Knopf.

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