Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vintage Make-Up Tips

I've recently realized that I have no idea how to properly apply make-up, especially for taking photographs. Whenever I put on eye makeup my eyes looked automatically smaller and I always looked way too pale and unglamorous when I posed in the vintage clothing I sell on Curious Knopf.

Well, all I have to say is thank god for the internet. Last night I got some tips on vintage make-up from Super Kawaii Mama. You can see the results in the photographs above. I'm wearing a fair amount of make-up in both, but it still looks natural and not too made up but also not too underdone. The two videos I watched are below. I like how down to earth she is and pleasant to listen to which is good because she has a lot of other great videos to watch.

xo xo Rebeccah

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