Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nothing Says Glamour Like Red Lips

At a party, no one ever asks me which wine glass is mine. They just look for the one with the traces of red lipstick at the top. I've been wearing red lipstick as long as I've been wearing lipstick which means pretty much forever. Occasionally I will veer into the pinks. I also went through a year long phase where I preferred deep, dark film star red that bordered on nearly being black. But for the most part I like old school fire engine red.

My absolute fa
vorite red lipstick these days is Mac's Ruby Woo. I bought it on a tip the last time I was in the U.S.

and have remained completely smitten. Part of their retro matte line, this lipstick really does have a vintage look to it. Plus, it really lasts much longer than your average creamy lipstick.
My sister bought a tube after me and although her complexion is completely different than mine (I am pretty pale while she has a somewhat olive coloring) it works really great on both of us.

Just the perfect way for every vintage loving lady to live out her inner bombshell. ;)

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