Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Model

I decided a while ago that I really prefer the vintage clothing I sell in Curious Knopf to be modeled on a person rather than a dress form. A living model gives the piece so much more personality and you can better see how the clothing drapes and moves. For a long time the only model I had for my shop was, well, me. At a size 12/14, however, I can only ever model size large to extra large. Even if I get better at laying off the chocolate and doing pilates as often as I probably should there is still not much of a chance I'll be under a size 10. I'm just a big girl. Luckily for me, my dear old friend Tina isn't. She is the new face of Curious Knopf in the size range small to extra small. In her honor, I thought I'd write this post so you can get to know her better.

Name: Tina "Armadillo"
Star Sign: Gemini with Leo Rising
Hobbies: Photography and Weltschmerz

Claim to fame: She makes one mean cappuccino and can whip up something tasty in the kitchen with just a handful of random ingredients.

How we met: Both American expats who blazed the trail in the late 90s (at that time there were very few Americans living in Berlin though that has since changed) we met at an English language school where we were both teaching. Before she even opened her mouth I knew instantly that she was from California.

We've had our differences from time to time (she's from the South Bay and I'm from the East Bay. It was bound to happen. ;) ) but it's pretty clear by now that we'll be friends for life.

Tina has recently gotten into Couch Surfing and hosted Katie, an American from SoCal who lived a long time in "The City", a.k.a. San Francisco. Now she lives and studies in Tübingen.

Katie was good enough to pose for me in a couple of sweetheart dirndls and 50s dresses. Thanks Katie and Tina. I couldn't do it without you. :)

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