Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Vintage Wedding

I've actually already been married twice. The first time it was for practical reasons (i.e. green card) and I knew even on the day we got hitched that it was a bad idea because we had a very stormy relationship (that is, if you think getting in at least one fight every single day is stormy...) The second time was to my husband Jasper with whom I now have two lovely daughters.

I love an excuse to dress up, so although my first wedding was an elopement I still wore a sheer navy and white polka dot dress and yellow satin 40s style peep toe heels. For my second wedding I wore a black Asian style dress with buttons up the shoulder. We got married at the gorgeous main hall of San Francisco City Hall. My whole family was present including my father which was special because he passed away four months later.

Although both of my wedding dresses were vintage inspired, neither one of them was actually a vintage garment. But Jasper and I are in it for the long haul, so I doubt I'll ever be having another wedding. If I did, I would most definitely wear the vintage 1950s beige silk and linen dress pictured here and above that I now have for sale in my shop.

I could never really do the big foofy white lace wedding dress thing, but this dress is perfect because it's simple yet elegant and beautifully handmade out of quality cloth. And it's beige instead of white because I'm also not really a big fan of "white."

With the dress I would wear these shoes (which just happen to be my size, 8.5) from Allen Company Inc.

...and this necklace from Hawaii Beads 2.

...and I would carry this lovely little bag from Vintage Surplus.

What the heck? Maybe I can talk Jasper into a second wedding, this time one thrown in Germany for all our local family and friends. Of course I would need this "new" 1930s diamond engagement ring. While we're at it, he might as well also present it to me in this lovely turn of the century silver plated box. Husband, get shopping! ;)


  1. I've never been married, but if I did, I'm like you--I wouldn't wear a big foofy white gown either! I love your choices here.

  2. Thanks! Foofiness, who needs it? ;)