Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prizes For Pounds

For most of my adult life I've always been between a size 10 and 12. But after having two babies only 18 months apart in age (the oldest being 1 and a half), my size these days is between a 14 and a 16. This is a really strange size to be. Technically you are definitely in plus size range, but you can still shop at "normal" stores. Things often don't fit right. Forget about button up blouses (at least any with a feminine cut) or anything a-line or tight around the hips. This summer I want to loose some weight. It will definitely be a challenge because I just don't diet; I'd rather be pleasantly plump then give up butter and chocolate. I also don't really like sport, or at least any that requires you to actually sweat. However, I am starting to eat more in moderation and have discovered how much I love yoga, so there is definitely hope. If I do loose the weight I'm definitely going to treat myself to some fabulous vintage shopping. Here are a few things I would buy in a flash if I were 25 pounds lighter:

Vintage 1970s Mini Black Wrap Dress (I love, love, love this one!) from bO Mode

Vintage 1970s Pleated Dress and Vintage 1950s Magenta Silk Dress, both from Nod to Mod Vintage.

Vintage 1950s Fallen Leaves Dress, from Dear Golden Vintage

Vintage 1950s Lace Skirt and Vintage 1950s Dress, both from 13 Bees. Actually, I'd have to loose a lot more than 25 pounds to fit into the dress as it is a size xs/s, but it looks a lot like a black, less swanky version of this dress worn by Peggy Lee as she sings Why Don't You Do Right? How cool is that!


  1. I am in the same size range, and yes, it is in that twilight world between "regular" and "plus" sizes. It can be annoying because I usually wear an XL and many lines do not go up to XL. And the smallest of the plus sizes are too big for me. Having said that, I do have a pretty swell wardrobe with lots of great vintage in it! I actually have pretty good luck finding larger sizes in vintage when I'm out hunting.

  2. Yeah, I've also gotten pretty lucky. German women these days are usually between a size 6 to an 8 but I think they used to eat a lot more Sauerkraut and Eisbein because there are a lot of XL vintage pieces to be had.