Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thanks German Grandmas!

I don't know why exactly it is that you can find such amazing vintage in Germany. Perhaps it's because people really suffered shortages after the war and learned to preserve rather than modernize and constantly renew (there was enough renewing going on with re-building as over 80% or Berlin alone was destroyed by bombs). Perhaps it's because German culture is generally of the "waste not-want not" strain. Whatever the reason, all I can say is "Vielen Herzlichen Dank" to all the German "Omas" out there who kept their things in pristine condition. Like this 1930s muslin and crocheted lace blouse.

Personally, I'm not much into wearing white because when I do it just doesn't stay white for very long (we inherited a white couch from some friends and now it is kind of polka dotted with brown coffee stains....) But it certainly is beautiful and it's previous owner did a great job of keeping it as pure as freshly driven snow for seventy years (there is only one extremely faint dot of yellow discoloration on the left shoulder.) Someday it will find a lovely new home in the closet of a romantic, white-wearing, size medium girl. Click here to take a closer look: 1930s Blouse

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