Monday, July 19, 2010

The 10th Day...

So today is officially the 10th day since I had my last sale. And there were probably about ten days between the sale before that. I've decided to take things easy at my shop. If everyone else is going to the beach, why shouldn't I?
I recently poured a lot of energy into my shop, Curious Knopf. I worked on the photos, made lots of great vintage finds, posted, renewed and posted. But when you are doing all this work, but not making any sales and only having a few hearts trickle in, you can't help but get frustrated.....
Of course, I have been having some fun along the way. I've liked posing in some of the larger clothing (modeling is harder work than one might assume....) And, of course, I love going on the vintage hunt. But I'm not buying anything new for a while. I have about 20 odd things to photograph and post, and I will gradually get them into my shop....
....or I might just sell off the entire stock on ebay and call it a night. But if I do, I'll at least stop by here again to say so long folks! It's been swell. Sayonara. Ciao ciao. ;)


  1. Don't give up! I think your new photos look terrific. It really is slower in the summertime.

    I'd be keeping that blue dress if I were you. It's fantastic!

  2. Thanks Karen. I'm sure I'll keep trucking. I just like to complain sometimes (something of a German past time, so I guess it's rubbed off on me!) I also love the blue dress, but I was most definitely sucking in quite a lot. Not sure I could wear it if I was actually breathing! :)