Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Of My (Mostly) Vintage Favorite Things

Because who can resist a tiny vintage picture case with a faux abalone shell cover? Available at Little Dog Vintage.
Because I've always been a sucker for things that look like food but aren't food. You could put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top in this bowl and then put the lid on it with a fake big scoop of vanilla ice cream with a fake cherry on top. How cool is that? Available at Autumn Always.
Because my poor West Highland Terrier Benjamen always bombed the 4-H dog shows when I was in the 4th grade, mostly just bringing home the white participation ribbon. Poor Benjamen. He never could resist that hamburger they placed in the obstacle course. In his honor, I would love to own these vintage dog show prizes. Available in Finland at Funky Homo Sapiens. (p.s. Westminster Dog Show 4-ever! ;) )
Because who can resist kitschy stuff with flamingos on it, especially since flamingos make such a bizarre noise (I spend A LOT of time at the zoo these days...) Available at Jape.
The ribbons-across-the-bust thing has never really worked for me which is truly unfortunate because I adore this dress and would love more than anything to have it hanging in my closet right now. Available at Small Earth Vintage.
These shoes are just too cute. They are a half a size too big for me, but what the heck? I could always stuff some cotton in the toe....Beat me too it at Liza Zain.
I've bought several pieces of jewelry from Petit Oiseau and I love them all. This Chocolate Mint Bakelite Necklace is no exception. I also love the Bakelite Green Jello Ring. Decisions, decisions.....

So this last one isn't vintage, but it is stitched art which is tres Schaufenster. Plus Bodega Bay (where the artist lives) is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet...Plus my sister really has a thing for pillows....Hmm. Maybe sister, dear sister, is due for a present. If so I will buy it at Tastes Orangey.


  1. Oh my--a post full of temptation! Y'know, I checked out those cute lisazain shoes, and they are MY size. I can't really justify the purchase right now, but dang, they are mighty pretty.

    Love the dog show awards, and the remind me of when my dog Poochie won the Mongrel Marathon at the local greyhound track (sad). I was supposed to catch her at the finish line, but being a total free range terrier, she shot past me, while I chased her (to the laughter of the crowd watching). Good times. (She would not have been able to resist the hamburger in the obstacle course, either.)

    Thanks for including my dress here, too!

  2. I love it that you had a dog named Poochie. :)