Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Much Fun Can You Have With One Little Old Vintage Scarf?

The answer? A whole heck of a lot! I posed with this scarf today and, boy, did I have fun. Granted, it was pretty easy since it is a gorgeous 1960s silk Italian scarf in a retro Hawaiian print. Just try and not have fun with that. I dare you. ;) Here are some of the different photographs. I didn't post all of them because a few are just a little too goofy even for a goofball like me. Here goes:

I'm pretty sure I'm humming The Hills Are Alive here, though of course, the song would better fit some of my Trachtenmode pieces....

According to Wikipedia, it's a little known fact that Mary Magdalene was actually very into retro tiki Hawaiian print which she combined splendidly with religious pathos. Who knew?

This one I call my Isadora Duncan look, though I suppose the scarf would have to be a tad bit longer...

And this is my Mata Hari (come on, let me flatter myself. ;) )

Here I am, doing the discerning Haufrau, trying to decide if what I have in my hands is a quality item. Come on, lady. The scarf is from the 60s, made in Italy of 100% pure silk, is in mint condition. Geez. What else do you need to know?

I also think the scarf would make a fab belt, but it would have to be on someone with a slimmer waist than mine. Thank you little old scarf for providing so much entertainment on a humid late summer day!

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