Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Hippie Soul

My parents were Jesus Freak hippies in the 1970s. This meant, instead of being high on drugs, they were high on the love of the Lord. Everything else was pretty much the same; long hair and peasant skirts, bushy beards, bad acoustic guitar playing, dreams of communal living and living off the land (because, of course, the Lord will provide...) My childhood was filled with fruit-juice sweetened cookies and Hansen's Natural Soda. We spent each Sunday at the Vineyard, a hippie church where we sang handwritten songs cast onto the wall with an overhead projector while women twirled down the aisles with tambourines in hand.
I went through a pretty big hippie phase in my early 20s, with hair down to my waist and a penchant for any clothing that could be described as batik or Guatemalan. I also was a vegetarian for six years and it was definitely because I thought Meat was Murder. Although my style now is not in the least bit hippie, I've always thought part of my soul has probably stayed in Flower Power Land. That explains why I love this vintage bird of paradise navy kaftan.
I will be posting it soon in my shop, but I will probably re-take the pictures first because it's pretty darn wrinkled in these ones. Since I hate ironing it might take a while til it shows up, though I admit it may also be because I decided to keep it. It is oh-so-comfortable and would make a perfect lounging gown. Now if only I can find a place in Berlin where I can buy myself a good ol' can of Hansen's. ;)

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