Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shop Update: Embroidered and Eyeletted to the Hilt!

So I've been busy this last week teaching an English as a Foreign Language intensive course (this is my day job, if you will ;) ) so I haven't really had the time to get many new items for my shop. But on Saturday I did manage to go thrifting and today I sent my husband together with my older daughter for a jaunt on the countryside (Brandenburg ho!) I posed in some of the new clothing while my younger daughter took her nap. I will be posting these items over the next week as well as (non-modeled) clothing in smaller sizes and handmade jewelry, so do stay tuned.

Vintage 1970s Embroidered Black Mexican Shift Blouse
Vintage 1960s Embroidered Dark Green Balkonett Dirndl
Vintage 1970s White Dirndl Blouse (Sold Separately)
Vintage 1970s Embroidered Blue Peasant Blouse
Vintage Lilac Eyelet Blouse, Made in Yugoslavia
Vintage Embroidered Trachten Skirt, Moulin Rogue Meets Pirates of the Caribbean


  1. You're getting me in the mood for Oktoberfest with these offerings, lady!