Monday, November 22, 2010

Bakelite, Baby!

About a year ago, when I told my sister how much I adore Bakelite, she said: "Wait? Isn't that just plastic?" Well, yes, it is an early plastic but it is also so much, much more. Bakelite has su
ch a delicious heaviness to it and is always smooth and cool to the touch. It is made of formaldehyde and, when rubbed or warmed up, it let's off that tell-tale pungent smell, something which gives it just a touch of the creepy which I love. I made a treasury of Bakelite items on etsy which you can view here. Below are some lovely items that are still fabulous but didn't make the cut.

Vintage 1950s West German Rührfix handmixer with ox blood Bakelite top. This piece is actually for sale in my vintage German housewares, toys and home decor shop, Schaufenster, though I've been tempted for a while now to just quietly put it on the shelf in my kitchen...

This handmade ring is made of vintage 1940s tortoise shell Bakelite and a vintage button. It was made by little old me (told you I love Bakelite!) and is for sale in Curious Knopf.

At nearly 300 dollars, this vintage art deco Bakelite horse brooch is pricey, but look at how gorgeous he is. Such details, such a cute little eye. Wowza! Available at Aging Gracefully.

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of vintage earrings. Clips on really are murderous. Ouch! But these sweet vintage orange carved Bakelite earrings are screwbacks which is much more comfortable. And they are such a lovely color, aren't they? Available at Vested Bee Vintage.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, instead of saying "Could you pass the salt, dear?" you could say "Dear, could you pass the vintage depression ear delphite blue glass salt shaker with black Bakelite top?" You can soon if you take a little jaunt over to Art Sincerely.

Oh my God, this is a vintage Bakelite wiener dog in marblelized green. Folks, it just doesn't get cooler than this. Available at The Vintage Junkie.

I've bought several things already from Heather at Petit Oiseau and I loved all of them (the ring featured in the first photograph is from her shop.) All of her jewelry is handmade from vintage Bakelite, though she does also carry some strictly vintage pieces. Really you should rush over to her shop and go on a Bakelite binge, pronto, ASAP. I featured a green and red ensemble here to get you in the vintage lover's holiday spirit. ;)

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