Monday, November 1, 2010

Shop Update: Lazy Fall Living

I don't know if it's the crisp fall weather, lingering jet lag or the fact that it's getting dark so darn early, but I've been finding it hard these days to motivate myself to get new items posted in my shop. I have lots of fab goodies from both California and Berlin including lots more post-Oktoberfest Trachten and a black dress from the 1930s with a proper little bow. I have managed to post some things in the past week or so, thank goodness. Click here to take a closer look at them and things to come.

Vintage 1980s Geometric Little Black Dress

(any one who reads my other blog Schaufensterbabe is well aware that I am no fan of this 80s revival business. Still, the 80s did geometry like no other decade and this is no doubt a great dress down to the satin covered buttons.)

Vintage 1970s Tori Richard Shirt Decorated With Cranes

(a men's shirt, this retro piece designed by Tori Richard of Honolulu also looks fab on the ladies up to a 2x)

Chocolate Knot Ring Handmade From Two Vintage Stacked Buttons

(Curious Knopf has been making stuff with buttons again because Knopf=button in German. ;) Lots o' rings to come.)

Vintage Hand-Knit Cream Bolero Sweater

(words cannot even describe how plush, soft and warm this baby is!)

Vintage 1960s Cream Clutch

(Still has the original Capwell's tag before they became Emporium Capwell's and well before they eventually went out of business....)

Vintage 1960s French Angora and Lambswool Blend Cardigan

(with faux pearls and a hand screen print. What more could a vintage loving lady ask for? ;) )