Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Vintage Home

Maybe it's because I opened the new shop, Schaufensterbabe (son of my former shop, Schaufenster) but I've been lusting after vintage housewares a lot recently. Schaufensterbabe has had a pretty slow start so far. Only a handful of hearts and 1 sale (of the mask pictured here) since I opened it a couple of weeks ago. The prices are also a little high right now because the dollar is currently abysmally low against the Euro, something that definitely hurts me in both of my shops....I'm hopeful that things will look up both in sales and the strength of the dollar. When they do, I would love to buy myself each of these little vintage goodies below.

I love the colors and shapes of these 4 milk glass mugs. Just the thing to brighten up the dull gray (and long...) winter in Berlin. Available at Modish Vintage.

This melamine sugar bowl is so cute and only five dollars. Too bad the seller Retro Pops only has U.S. and Australia shipping prices (I know I can contact the sellers, but it actually kind of annoys me when they leave Europe out (how hard is it to figure out shipping prices for the EU?), so I never do...)

These mid-century hairpin stools would be just the thing for my daughter's new art table in the living room. Viva la vintage childhood! ;) Available at Hauteseatdesign.

It could be that I like the photograph here even better than the actual vintage stacking canisters, but they are pretty darn cute. Available at Tipple and Snack.

My husband would kill me if I got these because he's really not into the kitsch thing at all. But my heart will always beat for kitsch, or at least thump a little in the left ventricle. Plus these little guys are from a shop based in Guatemala which is somehow very cool. Available at Salcaja.

I've also always wanted a Le Cruset pot, although I'd probably only ever burn things in it because I'm one of the world's worst cooks. Still, at least my barely edible stew would be ruined in these lovely little retro pot. Available from the Paris based Brik a Brak.

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