Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everybody Loves Me But Nobody Wants Me

I don't know how it is with other sellers on etsy, but in my experience, sales can sometimes be pretty darn illogical. There are some things that continually sell pretty well, but others that barely get any attention even though you thought they would. Some items are ignored forever and then suddenly snatched up out of the blue. And then there are still others that everyone loves; those that have lots of hearts and that you get asked about over and over, yet no one ever buys them. This vintage 1960s bubblegum pink dress is one of them.

I've only been running Curious Knopf for a little over two months and this dress has gotten a lot of attention and 24 hearts. And yet it still has no home. Still, the even more extreme example is this skirt.

Everyone loves this skirt and what's there not to love? It has a sweet alpine style and the most adorable pewter Dachshunds on the belt. It was even in the gift guides for a while (back when there were gift guides...) and has over 3000 views and 54 hearts. I've also been asked about it at least a dozen times. I still have it in my first shop Schaufenster. Who knows? Maybe the key is to just move it over to Curious Knopf?

Neither item is very expensive (but also not priced so low people might wonder what is wrong with them). Everybody loves them and yet nobody seems to want them. Won't you give a poor dress and skirt a good home? ;)

For a closer look at the dress click here
For the sweet little skirt click here.


  1. Dachsunds on the belt?! I can't believe it's still in your shop. So cute! I have some items like that in my shop, too. They just haven't found the right person.

  2. I agree, it just takes one person, and someone who is the right size :) It has been my experience that hearts do not always equal sales. But they may come back to your shop and buy something else :)

  3. Thanks for your insight (and thanks Becca for buying the dress! :) )