Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet on Slips

I really don't know why slips ever went out of style. Both my grandmother and aunt were pretty old school and they still wore them with most of their dresses when I was a child. I remember trying them on and how smooth they felt against the skin. So many beautiful vintage dresses are sheer and you need a slip to go under them. And it's such a great feeling (not to mention sexy), so much more elegant than some little old tank top. Check out this fantastic video of a 1940s boudoir fashion show:

Amazing! Speaking of slips, this vintage 1950s Gilead nightgown isn't exactly a slip, but it sure is pretty. Just look at that delicate lace and those embroidered flowers.

The nightgown is not my size and also not really my style, but I still think it's absolutely gorgeous, not to mention in mint condition. I do hope it finds a loving home soon where it will be appreciated. :) For a closer look, click here.

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