Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Take Me To The Grand Canyon

Every once in a while you see something that is so badass you just have to buy it no matter what the state of your bank account (within reason, of course. The habit of living off credit is fortunately not very well spread in Germany...It's actually pretty hard to get a credit card here, especially one that doesn't come directly off of your bank account every month. A better way to live really than the standard plastic mania of the U.S....) This Grand Canyon Vintage 1950s circle skirt, for sale at Dear Golden Vintage, is just one of those items. Not only is it cool and funky and 50s, it also reminds me of my childhood. The Grand Canyon was only a 45 minute drive from my grandparent's cabin in Flagstaff and we went there every summer, year after year. But I never got tired of it. Petrified wood, Grand Canyon shot glasses, road runner knick knacks, cactus candy, bring it all on!

I do actually have money to burn on my paypal account right now, but unfortunately this skirt just isn't my size. Sniff. But if you are a lucky size small/medium this skirt can be yours with one lucky click of a button here.


  1. i've only been to the grand canyon once as a child, but i've never forgotten the impression of vastness it made. love admiring vintage, but even the 'large' isn't. so every once in awhile i'll look around for vintage patterns (which i have to alter completly).

  2. Yes, people really did used to be a lot smaller. If you wear larger than a size 8 you are often out of luck...Making new clothes from vintage patterns is a really great idea though.