Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet The Model

Name: Erica aus Amerika (Erica from America)

Height: A whopping 6 foot 2 (I think...)

Astrological Sign: Leo, baby! ;)

Originally from: The Detroit Metro Area, Michigan

Has lived in Berlin for: almost ten years (I beat her by one year. Originally I planned to stay for a couple of years and she for a couple of semesters. Berlin just does that to you.)

Favorite neighborhood in Berlin: Kreuzberg, baby (well, duh!)

Claims to Fame: Besides being a sweet and generous person, Erica can also sing one mean version of the song "I Am From Michigan", complete with hand gestures (and anyone who knows Michigan knows they are proud to be shaped like a hand.) She also knows her tenses and has a hankering for literature and linguistics. Oh yeah, and she loves to get out on that dance floor and dance, dance, dance.

Erica, thanks so much for being my model! And yes folks, she did get some free, bad ass dresses in the process. They looked so great on her, how could I say no? :)


  1. great model! erica looks like fun to be around.

  2. Thanks! Yes, she really is a lot of fun. :)