Friday, August 6, 2010

Collected Little Bits of Vintage Fun

I love to sometimes waste a bit of time doing google image searches for vintage ads and photographs. When I find one I like, I often save it, planning to maybe use it for a blog entry somewhere down the road. Many of them I never use but also never erase because I like them so much.
This lovely mod lass was used to make the banner of my shop for a while, though I recently changed it again. Who knows? Maybe she'll make an appearance again sometime down the road when I change my banner yet again on a whim...
This photograph completely reminds me of my Arizona childhood. I would say the area is somewhere around Phoenix except that there is a Saguaro in the background whereas the desert there is basically just scrub brush. And tumble weeds, of course. They really do roll just like in the old Westerns.
This photograph is just one of many thousands which is actually in the public domain, i.e. everyone is welcome to do whatever they want with it. Not so with the other shots, though as a disclaimer, I do not own any of these images (now someone else can steal them to post of their blog! ;) )
Some of the old Life shots can be a little bit cheesey-ly over the top (or just seen too many times so they feel like a cliche) but I like this one a lot.

I've had these shots of Sophia Loren on my computer for a long time. She's so beautiful and sensual with a few drops of slutty brat mixed in. My alter ego, perhaps? Either way, simply divine.
While Sophia Loren I am not, this lady here just might be my vintage soul mate. Time to get out there and take some more photographs. :)

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