Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lions, Leopards and Giraffes, Oh My!

I'm definitely too old to be digging any of this 80s revival business that has been going on for far too long now. High waisted jeans were making every woman look fat no matter what her size in 1986 already and only about three percent of the population could ever actually get away with wearing cut off jeans short shorts. People, why are you doing this to yourselves? Still, there was something about the funky color and wacky animal print that inspired me to pose (or even offer for sale) in this tres 80s animal print drape dress for my shop. Today, on a whim, I decided to do a search on etsy for vintage animal print clothing.

My first thought was "Geez. There's a lot of really ugly vintage clothes for sale on etsy!" But then again nothing lands you quicker in 80s land than animal print (other than perhaps the tag "oversized" or "unflattering and butt ugly"...) and, as I already said, I just can't get with this trend. Still, I did find a few pieces I liked for their wackiness and jungle madness alone. Here's a peek.

Vintage Big Cats Bob Mackie Blouse. There is something so deliciously Vegas about this blouse that I just couldn't resist. Available here at the Miami based (not Vegas!) shop, Lady of Fatima.
Ok, I don't think I could pull this one off and something is wrong about that little kitty cat's face. Maybe they pumped him full of valium for the photo shoot? Still, it actually looks kind of cool with the black and would definitely get the wearer noticed. Available here at On The Prowl.
This vintage 1970s leopard print dress I actually like a lot and could imagine wearing, though I don't usually look very good in Maxi dresses. Oh yeah, and it's not my size. Sigh...Available here at 13 Bees.
Dear 1970s, Thank you so much for making blouses printed with giraffes and zany block prints. I'm so glad you're the decade I was born in instead of the stupid old 80s. Love ya babe! ;) Available here at Queen of the Angels.
Ok, so there are few women in the world who could get away with wearing this vintage 1960s leopard print cat suit, but if you are one of them then hot damn, go for it girl! Available here at Fab Gabs.
So this is more of a domestic animal print but look how awesome it is with the little pooches and ribbons. Most definitely best in show! Available here at Plaid Pony.


  1. Yeah--no 80s for me, either. Yuck. Loving those crazy 70s print shirts, though!

  2. Yeah, the 70s could really do wacky prints that's for sure! :)