Monday, August 30, 2010

Have I Ever Told You How Much I Freaking Love Thrifting?

Thrifting is a funny thing. I know a lot of people, my husband included, who just don't have the knack for it. They walk into a thrift store or a flea market and are immediately overwhelmed, wishing usually that they could just go and crawl back under the bed covers. But any true thrifter knows the thrill of the hunt. You are like one of those truffel swine, using your eyes as a nose to sniff out that fabulous find. And when you do, what a thrill it is! I had just this thrill when I found this royal blue silk dirndl a few weeks ago.

What first drew me in was the color. A shimmery, almost decadent blue. When I touched the cloth I realized it was silk (raw silk, which is personally my favorite.) The dirndl dress is in such great condition though, that it wasn't until closer inspection that I realized how old it is.
The dirndl dress is completely (and very skillfully) handmade, but this is not necessarily unusual for a dirndl of quality. But the buttons are pressed glass with rhinestone, the white cotton lining has a retro print. This, my friends, is an amazingly well-preserved vintage silk dirndl from somewhere between the late 40s to the early 60s.
Like all the trachten clothing I sell in my shop, what I love is the versatility of this dress. Sure, you could add an apron and be the belle of the ball at Oktoberfest (though it's not a Balkonettdirndl a la The Sound of Music....) but the dress is still very wearable even if you live nowhere near the alps. Simply gorgeous and prime vintage at its best. To take a closer look please do click here.
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  1. That dress is a *gorgeous* color! Love the buttons, too. Great find!