Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not Vintage But Still Fabulous

Anyone who has taken a peek at my shop probably figured out that I also sell handmade jewelry alongside my vintage clothing. Most of my jewelry is either made of vintage Bakelite or these little vintage celluloid animals.
These celluloid animals hail from the 1930s and 1940s and were all made in Japan (most of them are stamped with JAPAN somewhere on the animal's body.) They were the kind women bought from gumball machines and arcades and then collected to wear on charm bracelets. One of my absolute favorite necklaces is one I made with a little celluloid lion. The necklace was on sale in my shop for all of two hours before I realized I just couldn't part with it.
Imagine my surprise when I realized today that I have a soul sister (or brother?) in the jewelry design world. Haoshi Design is based in Taiwan, their name meaning "good things" in Chinese. They make jewelry of everyday objects like light bulbs and clothes pins, but what I really love, of course, is their animal series.
The pieces are a lot simpler in design than mine and a lot more expensive (though still reasonable.) Oh yeah, and of course they are not made of vintage materials. They are still bad-ass though. Someday when I'm a little more flush with dough I'll definitely buy a necklace, maybe this little elephant up above.
I also love the piano piece they play on their website as well as the overall design and photographs they present there. Click here to go and take a look.


  1. Those Haoshi pieces are cool, but...I like yours more! And your photography on these is so fantastic. I love how the little lamb looks like he has a balloon floating over him.

  2. Aww, thanks. :) I never thought about it before, but you're totally right about the balloon floating over the lamb look. I love taking photographs of small things which is probably why I always use a macro lens.