Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nobody Loves Me

I've been running my vintage clothing shop Curious Knopf for five months now and Schaufenster Art & Vintage for around two years, but even after all this time I'm still surprised sometimes about what sells and what does not. Sometimes I've posted something that I thought was nice but not all that super amazing only to have it sell right away. Other times I've posted something that I find wonderful, something I feel sure will be snatched up right away only to have it sit around for months. This vintage 1950s dress is just one of these items.
When I first found it I was really excited (but also sad that it's not my size....) The dress is made of the softest cotton and has the greatest print: orange and white stripes with colorful Aztec tiki-like gods along the orange stripes and little black Aztec-like stars on the white stripes. I was sure it would have a new owner pretty quickly. But it's been in my shop now for several months and not only has it not been sold, it also has had over 300 views and not a single heart.
The dress does have a few minor flaws. The handle to the zipper is broken (though the zipper itself is in perfect working order.) One of the buttons was replaced and is of a slightly different style. But still, it's white and the same size and no one would probably even notice the difference unless they were specifically looking for it....What can I say? Nobody seems to love this dress. Except for me. Maybe it's a sign that I should work harder at finally being a size 10 again so the lovely little old dress can hang proudly in my closet!


  1. I'm on the same page as you, that dress is absolutely adorable! I've also found that sales on Etsy are very random. I'm still perplexed as to why my Etsy shop hasn't done so well, but from what I've heard from other sellers, it's been the same across the board. Nearly everyone is experiencing very slow and random sales. Let's just hope things pick up soon! :)

  2. I have at least one (probably more than that) dress that has been in my shop for triple the time yours has that to my amazement has not sold. It drives me mad!

    But I have also eventually sold items that were favorites that seemed to sit there forever. Sometimes it just takes awhile for the perfect buyer to discover your item.

    And finally, take heart. You've only been selling five months--in what are, in my experience, some of the slower months on Etsy. It took me quite a bit more time than that to have regular sales, and there are still slow periods.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies as well as your support. Here's to more sales and more randomness. At least it keeps things interesting. :)