Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Melodies: Flamenco Fever

I read somewhere once that the opera singer Cecilia Bartoli's first ambition was to be a flamenco dancer. At some point her mother reminded her that she was Italian and not Spanish which is why she decided to finally go into opera. I might have that same conversation with my daughter Mia someday. She's only three and a half, but she loves flamenco music. If I need a few minutes peace all I have to do is put the two following videos on YouTube and she is instantly enchanted. Come to think of it, if she does decide she wants to be a Flamenco dancer (or guitarist for that matter) I'll just encourage her. She may be half German and half Mutt-American, but who's to say she can't be the best damn Flamenco dancer in the world? ;)

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